Outsourcing technology and goods in China

China has gone beyond providing simple products to be a developer and implementer of cutting-edge technology that can be adapted to your market.

Catalogue of outsourcing services

1 - Suppliers and samples

Alibaba, DHGate, Globalsources … are authentic unfiltered jungles in which literally millions of companies are shown, of very diverse quality and entity. In these portals are our suppliers and allies, but also real risks of loss of time and money. Entrusting the search for our suppliers to these portals is an uncertain adventure for someone without due experience and who does not know the language and culture of China.


Meeting to define product needs. (60 minutes)
Search in databases and contrast information:
Phone calls.
Consultation in the commercial register, activity licenses.
Contrast of physical location of the companies.
Possible references.
Preparation of the supplier's file with relevant data about it, such as capacity, product certificates and company certifications, markets, personnel, contacts.
Sample application.
Receipt of samples from all manufacturers, and shipment of all this in a single transport to the client's headquarters.

PRICE: 1800 US $ * This price does not include the cost of the samples, although in many cases these are free, and it is for samples and catalogs that together add up to no more than 5 kilograms. To be analyzed on each case.

2 - Market research on trade shows

Currently the difficulties to attend fairs are almost insurmountable, however they continue to be held. Not just temporary fairs, but the many permanent industry fairs that exist in China.

The information obtained from them is very important, especially in such a dynamic market that is also the advancement of many trends and innovations. China produces half of the world’s patents, or put another way, the rest of the world as a whole produces the same patents as China.

PRICE: 1800 US $ * This price does not include the cost of the samples, although in many cases they are free, and it is for samples and catalogs that together add up to no more than 5 kilograms. So you have to correct in each case.

3 - Factory audit

The next step when starting to work with a supplier is the company audit. It is an absolutely essential step, because only on the ground will we be able to obtain crucial information. It will not allow us to verify that the treatment of workers is fair and in accordance with the law, that there are no environmental or labor irregularities that could compromise us as clients. And at the same time, it will be a great business card for our company and our way of doing things. The audit of the company is specified in a report that consists of a manufacturer’s file and abundant information such as videos and photographs.

PRICE: Starting at $ 300 per company (depending on location and other factors).

4 - Integrated purchasing

Once the supplier is validated, buying in China is not easy, even with a lot of experience. A purchasing process requires international transfers, quality controls, coordinating transportation, export licenses… We facilitate everything by reducing the processes by your company to a minimum, and ensuring the quality of what you are going to receive, constantly providing information on the manufacturing process and if necessary analyzing and / or sending samples of real production.


Previous negotiation on prices and characteristics. You will be present in all communication with the supplier company and we will be your intermediaries.
Delivery conditions are agreed at PO and PI.
Manufacturing begins and is monitored, if necessary with inspections during it.
If agreed, actual production samples are sent to be inspected either at our facility or at your company's facilities.
Once the manufacturing is finished, the final inspection is carried out, and after approval of the documentation sent regarding this control, the balance is paid and the shipping procedures begin.
Coordination with freight forwarders to start the transport. (CIF / DDU / DAP)

PRICE: Consult

5 - Market research services.

Half of the world’s online transactions occur within the borders of China. In addition, Hong Kong is and will continue to be the preferred gateway, due to its financial and legal system, to all ASEAN countries. As if that were not enough, the Shenzhen-Hong Kong axis is the largest concentration of online sellers in the world, and its logistical possibilities are very powerful.

A market study is as variable as its scope, it involves identifying channels, prescribers, competitors…

PRICE: Consult

SNS Services for China Mainland companies, B2C and B2B (manufactures, e-commerce)

Mediation services

Cultural barriers go beyond language, and it is often the seemingly small details that hinder or impede potential business-to-business relationships that would otherwise reach mutually beneficial trade agreements.